Apples for Gretel - Rich, buttery caramel covers a fresh, juicy apple.


Berry Witchy Brew - Blackberries, fuzzy peaches, bubbly effervescent notes, apricot and mandarin blend seamlessly with cinnamon, rose and a kiss of musk.


Cranberry the 13th - A sweet, tart blend of cranberry, black currant and raspberry layered with notes of cinnamon bark, cedarwood and warm amber. An interpretation of Cranberry Woods not affiliated with Bath and Bodyworks*.


Pumpkin S’mores - Sweet buttercream vanilla tops spicy notes of pumpkin pie, cinnamon, vanilla bean and creamy marshmallow. An interpretation of Bath and Bodyworks Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow scent not affiliated with Bath and Bodyworks*.


Pumpkin Butt - Warm pumpkin blended with light notes of nutmeg, clove and sweet buttercream.